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"You need to consider carefully what to put in
your personal statement".
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Fashion Writing Guide

Creative Thinking Workshop
Creative thinking is where innovative thoughts begin as you mentally travel through your life and let the ideas flow. We feel that a vivid presentation of what motivates you to study is the first step to an excellent personal statement.

The single most important point to remember is that you cannot change who you are or what you have accomplished but what you can do is showcase your successes, achievements, and skills in the personal statement.

Below is a short questionnaire to capture all these great things that make your application unique.

1. List reasons why you wish to study fashion.

2. Who has influenced you the most to study your subject?

3. What are your future intentions and goals?

4. Who is it that inspires you and why?

5. What have been your greatest accomplishments?

6. Which Fashionist inspires you the most and why?

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Note: This guide is not intended to replace the advice of tutors, admissions officers, or teachers; Get Into Uni simply provides advice and exercises to help you write a compelling personal statement.