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Media Writing Guide

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An overwhelming number of students applied to study television, video, print, journalism, radio and other forms of media last year. According to UCAS, over 40,000 students applied to study media in 2005, showing an increase of over 15% from previous years.

As the study of media grows in popularity and significance, getting into university will become more and more difficult. Universities demand that students are conversant with the powers and issues that affect media products - the initiatives behind the spin.

With only 600 words to display your successes, accomplishments and skills, you need to create immediate impact. A well-presented personal statement focused on your personality and leadership qualities may be the difference between acceptance or rejection. Written by our Oxbridge-educated editors, the media writing guide takes you through proven and effective activities, and works towards a powerful and innovative personal statement.

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Note: This guide is not intended to replace the advice of tutors, admissions officers, or teachers; Get Into Uni simply provides advice and exercises to help you write a compelling personal statement.