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Medicine Writing Guide

Where To Start
Acceptance rates on medical courses are extremely low. To gain a coveted slot, you need to make sure your application gets noticed amidst the intense competition. Fortunately, you have complete control over a crucial element of the application process: the personal statement.

As a qualified doctor, dentist, pharmacist, or nurse, you will have ultimate responsibility for the people in your care. The demands of this job are like no other - this is the reason why getting into medical school may be the hardest challenge you have faced yet.

Well aware that the profession cannot tolerate mistakes, medical admissions officers will scrutinise your personal statement for evidence of commitment, hard work, determination, intelligence, and integrity. Above all, they want to see that you have the necessary passion to improve the lives of your patients.

We can guide you through this most important project of your life and enhance your overall first impression. Your personal statement is your one chance to market yourself effectively. Poorly structured statements that do not give good reasons as to why you want to study medicine will get you about as far as your university grant. 

It sounds obvious, but unclear and unstructured medicine personal statements are the number one complaint of university admissions officers in the UK.

We understand medical school admissions officers, we listen to them, we talk to them, and we keep our eyes and ears open - so that we can tell you what they want. This writing guide has been created to help you objectively find the best way to present yourself. One important thing to remember is that your medicine personal statement must be a "selling document," a kind of prospectus in which your virtues are set out, together with supporting details.   But how do you create a compelling masterpiece? Where do you start? And what if you've left it to the last minute?

Don't panic! This is where we can help, as helping you get into medical school is what we’re all about. Before you start writing your medicine personal statement, it is recommended that you work through our writing guide this will:

  • Reveal the mix of qualities that make you unique.
  • Help you create a masterpiece that genuinely expresses what you stand for and why you wish to study medicine.
  • Provide a solid platform from which you can confidently plan to write your personal statement.

Written by our Oxbridge-educated editors, the medicine personal statement writing guide takes you through proven and effective activities aimed at helping you work towards a powerful and innovative personal statement.

If you have left your personal statement to the last minute, don’t worry, you can instantly access Oxbridge written personal statement samples. Just click here to access.

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Note: This guide is not intended to replace the advice of tutors, admissions officers, or teachers; Get Into Uni simply provides advice and exercises to help you write a compelling personal statement.