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Teaching Writing Guide

Structure Outline
The following draft outline will help you capture the right words to create your personal statement.

Paragraph 1: Powerful introduction - (150 words)
Start with a unique paragraph about yourself: why do you want to study, or who motivates you in your study topic? The first two sentences should be special in order to engage the attention of the admissions officers.

Think of an attention-grabbing event in your life that made you decide to go to university.

Paragraph 2: Educational background - (100 words)
Compose a short summation of your education background in your study area.
Remember to be brief, as the admissions officers already has your exam grades.

Paragraph 3: Your personal experiences - (150 words)
This may include a brief synopsis on your family, your accomplishments, or grades. You need to provide a description of why you are an excellent student. Don't forget to include reasons why you wish to study at university.

Paragraph 4: Why should they choose you? - (100 words)
Write a paragraph which outlines your abilities that will sell you to the admissions officers.

Paragraph 5: Summary and conclusion - (100 words)
This paragraph will tie everything together. Integrate all the information gathered in the above paragraphs and finish on two positive sentences. The closing sentence, again, must be powerful.

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