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Do you want a winning dissertation?
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Did you know a flawless dissertation can earn an extra 25 marks? This is the difference between a first-class and second-class degree. Our editors have read literally thousands of dissertations; we know what it takes in a dissertation to pass. Besides spotting and correcting English errors, our academic editors will "tighten" your writing by reducing wordiness. Every sentence in a dissertation must be complete and grammatically correct.

Service Breakdown:

Step One: Submit your order online today and upload your dissertation.

Step Two: You will receive login information for your own dedicated portal to access your editor through private messaging service. View the customer portal screen shot.

Step Three:
An expert writer will return your edited first draft within 8 working days through our private messaging service.

Step Four: You are able to return the dissertation for one further revision.

Step Five: We dramatically increase your success rate and help you create a
winning dissertation.

Dissertation editing service – we ensure correct language.

  • We ensure paragraphs are carefully constructed with transitions linking them to preceding and continuing paragraphs.
  • We check structural devices such as the table of contents, bibliography, separate sections, introduction and conclusion to make your text as "transparent" as possible to the reader.
  • We sharpen your writing and strengthen sections.
  • We radically improve wording, punctuation, verb tense and sentences.
  • We confirm effective communication from the writer to the reader.

Paragraph construction – we make your essay stand out.

  • We will check wording carefully for clarity and style to improve paragraphs and overall style and accuracy.
  • We check paragraph construction including separate sections, introductions and conclusions to ensure your text is as "transparent" as possible to the reader.
  • We make sure paragraphs have "hooks" linking them to preceding and continuing paragraphs.

Flow, grammar, word choice and passive voice - we guarantee accuracy.

  • We correct all grammatical mistakes, misspelled words and fragments.
  • We cut unnecessary words, lighten overweight phrases, strengthen weak verbs, and eliminate run on sentences and clichés.
  • We check for tautologies and monotonous language.
  • We make sure the verb is finite and agrees with the subject in both number (singular/plural) and person.
  • We make sure that pronouns used as objects are in the correct, objective case.
  • We ensure that adverbials are in the best position in the sentence to make the precise meaning clear.

We offer more than just editing:

  • Private customer portal – After ordering you will have access to your private customer portal where you can message your editor instantly from any web-enabled computer.
  • Prompt delivery – To ensure we offer the highest standards of editing we allow our editors 8 working days to dedicate to your essay.  Get Into Uni believes that a rushed edit will reduce the benefits of our service, and ultimately compromise the level of service we offer.

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