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"The personal statement is very important".
Head of Admissions for the University of Hertfordshire.


basketGold Editing £139.99 (up to 1000 words)

Service breakdown:

Step One:
Full Edit: Includes a complete revision and a detailed critique of your personal statement.

Step Two: Essay Development: Spend up to seven days revising and
enhancing your essay with your editors suggestions in mind.

Step Three: Two Revisions: E-mail your editor with any revisions and receive two revised edits and critiques.

Please read the service details outlined below.

 English language - we ensure succinct communication

  • We sharpen your essay and create powerful content, loaded with influential keywords.
  • We will instantly communicate your qualities to busy admission officers and tailor your message to conform to academic standards for verbiage and format.
  • We build on your strengths and clearly articulate your desire, ambition, and motivations for studying your subject of choice. We ensure that your essay presents you as a proficient, credible and astute applicant.
  • We radically improve wording, punctuation, verb tense, and sentences.
  • We confirm effective communication from the writer to the reader.

Paragraph construction - we make your essay stand out

  • We check wording carefully for clarity and style, to improve paragraphs and overall style and accuracy.
  • We check paragraph construction, including separate sections - introductions and conclusions - ensuring your text is as "transparent" as possible to the reader.
  • We ensure paragraphs have "hooks" linking them to preceding and continuing paragraphs.

Flow, grammar, word choice, and passive voice - we guarantee accuracy

  • We correct all grammatical mistakes, misspelled words and fragments.
  • We cut unnecessary words, lighten overweight phrases, strengthen weak verbs, and eliminate run on sentences and clichés.
  • We check for tautologies and monotonous words or phrases.
  • We make sure that the verb is finite and agrees with the subject in both number (singular/plural) and person.